The App

An interactive, customisable, visual story

Featuring a range of circus images and show footage

Helps children familiarise themselves with the
circus experience

Alleviates some of the anxieties associated
with unknown experiences

Enhances the child’s enjoyment of live

Increases confidence and helps develop social

Can be used as a springboard into exploring further cultural opportunities
(theatre, galleries, museums) with siblings, family and friends

What People Are Saying

“ Our son is autistic. His behaviour can be very challenging in public and there are very few places we can take him for entertainment. Coming to see Circus Starr enables my son to experience not only new wonderful performances, but sit amongst an audience in a Theatre or a Big Top, which teaches him social skills.”

“Social stories and visual supports can be really valuable tools for many people with autism, helping them navigate situations like days out that many of us might take for granted”

Heather Wildsmith, Cultural Development Manager, National Autistic Society

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